From Russia with love

As the store reopened for a third series, it’s 1918 and Harry Selfridge and his family gathered for the funeral of his beloved wife Rose.
Nine months later, it’s the lavish wedding of Harry’s eldest daughter Rosalie to dashing Russian Prince and aspiring aviator Serge De Bolotoff. But Harry’s suspicious of Serge’s motives – he seems more interested in trying to pressurise Harry into investing in his aerodrome enterprise and flirting with female guests than his new wife.
Harry decides to have the newlyweds come live with him so he can keep an eye on things. Serge’s extravagant, but secretly penniless and homeless mother, Russian emigree Princess Marie, says she’ll return to her London flat, but instead checks in to a posh hotel suite, charging it to Harry’s account.
Elsewhere, Henri returns from the war, and he and Agnes get hitched in a low-key ceremony. Victor has quit as Palm Court manager to set up his own nightclub, Colleano’s. And feisty newcomer Nancy Webb demands a meeting with Harry to talk about her plans to build houses for ex-servicemen.