A frustrated Robert Sugden plans to drug Lawrence

Robert Sugden has his eyes on Home Farm, but his plan to drug Lawrence quickly goes wrong

Robert Sugden makes himself comfortable at Home Farm and even pours himself a glass from Lawrence’s finest bottle of brandy. However, panic sets in when he suddenly hears Rebecca arrive unexpectedly.

Rebecca, who’s pregnant with Robert’s child, gives the scheming businessman yet more cause for concern when she reveals Lawrence has discharged himself from hospital and will soon be back at the farm.

A rattled Robert is worried his plan is going to be thwarted and he hastily comes up with a plan to drug Lawrence using some of the sleeping pills he’s recently been prescribed for his insomnia.

Will Robert’s plot work? Or will there be dangerous and unforeseen consequences?

Elsewhere Pollard is grateful when bad boy Josh fixes his car and Ross eavesdrops on Emma and Laurel’s conversation. Is the truth about his dad John’s death about to come out?