Furious, Lucas confronts Michael

Furious and feeling betrayed, Lucas confronts Michael, who admits the truth – he and Emilia are together. Concerned how angry Lucas is and worried what he might do, Chris tries to keep an eye on him – but eventually Chris has had enough of Lucas’s constant snapping at him. He tells Lucas to stop taking it out on him and instead start confronting what’s happened.

Lucas goes to Emilia for answers, and when he doesn’t return to the garage, Chris is increasingly worried for his safety. After brooding in Charlie’s Lucas heads for his bike and a ride, but Chris refuses to let him, preferring to take the brunt of Lucas’s anger himself.

Called into work by Charlotte, Toadie tries to escape to get his fertility sample to the hospital without telling her why he needs to leave. But with Charlotte reluctant to let him go, he has to call in Sonya to aid his escape.

Tash is still struggling to get used to her new family unit, but after Lucas has a go at her about Michael and Emilia in the middle of Harold’s, she finds herself defending them, making her opinion on their romance clearer – she just wants them all to be happy.