When Tash tries to worm her way out of trouble over the photos, Michael demands she tells the truth. However, she denies knowing how the photos came about, saying she doesn’t know who took the photos and that she definitely didn’t pose for them. At Charlie’s, Michael hears Ivan and his mates talking about Tash, and walks over and puts Ivan’s phone into his jug of beer, before walking out.

At home, Tash, insists she didn’t take the photos, and that Ivan must have taken them without her knowing. However, Tash panics when Michael says he’s calling the police. She heads outside, when Ivan turns up telling her to get her dad off his back. When Michael sees him, he storms outside and floors him!

Lucas is in two minds over going to his dad’s funeral and when Dan says he isn’t going, Lucas decides not to. However, Paul offers Lucas some unwanted advice, and that’s to go or he will regret it. Having changed his mind Lucas is all suited and booted and ready to go when he notices he’s spilt oil down his suit. He takes it as a sign not to go.

Again, with a few words from Paul and a suit taken from a staff member at Lassiters, Lucas goes. However, when he gets there, he can’t face it and drives off.

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