Gabby, the sweet little girl who was scared of Ashley because he hit Grandad Sandy, shows the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree when she pummels Marlon with her tiny fists. See what you’ve taught your daughter, Ashley? But what did Marlon do to cause Gabby to lash out? Burn her chips? Undercook her eggs? No, he asked her mummy to move in with him and she did. And when Gabby sees Marlon kissing Mummy she doesn’t like it.

Suddenly, Gabby’s shouting at Laurel, telling her she’s not her real mum and when Marlon tries to calm things down, Gabby turns on him, beating him as hard as she can – which isn’t very hard – but is still distressing for everyone. More distressing, though, is when Gabby later tells Laurel that Marlon hit her! He wouldn’t, would he? No, but Laurel feels she has to tell Ashley what Gabby’s saying.

Cameron’s upset, too. He’s given Carl his money, but Carl says it’s not enough – he wants Chas back in Emmerdale and tells Cameron he’d better persuade Chas to return from her holiday with Dan or he’ll tell Debbie everything.

Jai wants words with Rachel. He’s found out that she hasn’t booked a scan for the baby so he does it for her. How very controlling of him…