Nobody noticed Gabby nicking money from the till in the pub and nobody notices when she swipes a bottle of vodka. Gabrielle Thomas! You bad girl! Mind you, look at her grandad, Sandy… He never says no to a drink. Gabby takes the vodka to school and shares it with her friends. Which would be nice if it was a bag of wine gums, but it’s alcohol and Head Teacher Miss Davies is not impressed to find a few of her 11-year-old girls drunk. Gabby, she says, is troubled and needs to have some say in the decisions that affect her life. Laurel agrees, but is shocked when Gabby decides she wants to live with Bernice in Mulberry Cottage – and wants Ashley to live there, too!

Ali’s shocked when Rachel admits that she has feelings for Sam – and more than just friendly feelings. So now Ali knows, but Rachel still hasn’t told Sam how she feels.

David asks Priya to move in with him – and she’s unpacked before he can draw breath. She doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet! So David shouldn’t be surprised (but he is) when Priya gets upset because he doesn’t want to rush Alicia into a divorce.