When Ashley questions Gabby about her bruises on Gabby and a rip in her hoodie, she cobbles together a story about an incident down at the stables. But Laurel soon puts two and two together and works out the troublesome teen is lying and was behind the break-in at Keeper’s. As the accusations fly, life at the Thomas house, which is already under tons of strain, is about to get all the more stressful…

Andy’s in prison thanks to Chrissie who’s framed him for the shooting at Home Farm, which almost killed Lawrence. Unaware his girlfriend, who’s playing the innocent, is behind his arrest, Andy’s grateful for Chrissie’s “support” when she tells the farmer she’s hired Rakesh to be his lawyer. In hospital, Lawrence receives a visitor. It’s Ronnie and he’s come to ask his old flame for another chance.

Having found out about the burglary at Adam and Victoria’s place, Moira suspects drug dealer Simon was behind it. Behind Holly’s back, she uses her daughter’s phone to call the dealer and shakily tells him to stay away from the village.