Gabriella endangers herself to get Hector’s attention

Everyone at Waterloo Road is excited about going on Simon’s Resilience Camp, but not necessarily for the right reasons! As the bus pulls up at the school, Hector looks longingly in Nikki’s direction. Despite her recent engagement to Vix, he’s determined to win her over on this trip and make her fall for him.

As students and staff split up to find their way to base camp, Hector uses the cover of the woods for his own agenda. He’s not at all used to being rejected by women, and so pulls out all the stops to impress her. But it’s not enough.

Even though Nikki isn’t interested in Hector, there’s someone who is. Gabriella’s obsession with her teacher is only getting more extreme. She plots her next stunt, oblivious yet again to endangering herself and others. When her outrageous behaviour brings a sudden end to the school trip, the disgruntled students take revenge on her.

After the death of George’s mother, tensions between Christine and George increase as the headteacher starts to suspect Carol Barry of being a golddigger.