At Gabrielle’s engagement party, Edie reveals that she’s dating Carlos. When Edie refuses to stop seeing her ex, Gabrielle asks Lynette and Susan to give her the cold shoulder – but Edie soon realises what’s going on and tries to get one over on Gabrielle by asking Lynette to cater for Travis’s birthday party. Later, Gabrielle confronts Carlos about his new relationship and realises that he’s still in love with her.

Meanwhile, Lynette is spending lots more time at the pizzeria with Rick and Kayla begins to suspect that Lynette sees him as more than just a colleague, which she denies. When Kayla mentions to Tom that she thinks Lynette ‘likes’ Rick, Tom tells Lynette that he’s ready to come back to work and suggests firing Rick. Lynette insists that Rick should stay and rushes off to the pizzeria leaving Tom on his own.

Susan is ordered to attend anger management after she yells at a man over a parking space. Following her therapist’s advice, Susan tells Mike that she’s going to marry Ian after all. Ian’s thrilled but when he hears Susan replaying Mike’s farewell message, he tells her he’s going back to England. Next morning, Susan learns that Mike moved out in the middle of the night – and no one knows where he’s gone.

And when all of Wisteria Lane start avoiding Mrs McCluskey after word gets round about the body in her freezer, she decides to come clean to everyone about why she’s been keeping her husband on ice.