Gabrielle strikes a pose

Gabrielle agrees to help her personal shopper Vern coach the young girls in the Miss Snowflake beauty pageant. But when she starts telling them about the tricks models use to stay slim, the mums claim that she’s a bad influence and want her out. And they won’t agree to have her back until she promises them access to a miracle European diet pill that isn’t sold in the US.

Elsewhere, Susan stays over at Ian’s house and is taken aback when his butler Rupert gives her the closet where the cat died to keep her things. Ian admits that letting Susan in would feel like shutting comatose wife Jane out. She tells him it needn’t be like that and he proceeds to clear out a drawer in Jane’s bureau for her – much to the annoyance of Rupert.

Meanwhile, Lynette and Tom go to the police convinced that Art is a paedophile. Later, when she wakes from a nap to find Parker missing, Lynette rushes over to Art’s and, when she finds the basement clear of pictures and toys, demands to know what he’s done with everything.

Over at Bree’s, Orson’s mother Gloria is making their lives hell and when Bree learns the fate of the two women before her, she packs his things and tells him to leave.

And amnesiac Mike decides to get rid of his incriminating toolbox in the middle of the night – only for Detective Ridley to catch him red-handed.