Gail’s suspicious when David skips off work and meets Callum in the ginnel. Callum hands David a wrap of coke and an address and orders him to deliver the drugs for him. David is forced to agree, but later flushes the coke down the drain. David announces he’s going to confront Callum but Gail stops him, declaring that she and Audrey will sort Callum out. Confronting him in the Dog & Gun, Gail orders him to stay away from her family and that David flushed his drugs down the drain.

Having secretly arranged to attend a property auction with Tony, Eva lies to a suspicious Jason, making out she’s going shopping with an old girl friend.

Julie’s horrified when Mary comes in the shop and helps herself to some groceries without paying; Faye confides in Craig that she can’t tell Anna and plans to give birth and leave the baby outside the hospital.

Kevin meets up with his internet date, Jenny Bradley. They reminisce about the old days and Jenny asks after Rita.