Gail and Joe grow closer

David and Joe finish working on the boat and agree to take Gail out fishing. Joe tells Gail he’s been made redundant from the hardware shop but Gail tells him not to worry, she’ll support him until he gets another job.

Roy feels uncomfortable when he receives champagne and theatre tickets from Tony. He visits Tony in hospital and confronts him about his confession. Tony lies saying of course he blames himself for Liam’s death. Roy tells Hayley he’s convinced Tony murdered Liam, but Hayley’s less sure and warns Roy that people will think he’s mad – just like they did with Maria.

Graeme offers to clean Emily‘s windows. Meanwhile, Freda moves into No.3 and tells Emily how Mrs Firth sacked her for tutting and to get her own back, she stole Mrs Firth’s prosthetic leg. Emily’s disapproving whilst Graeme thinks it’s funny.

Also, Sally’s worried about running the factory in Tony’s absence. She suggests to the girls they cut down their tea-breaks and get more work done; George and his wife Eve visit Peter, Simon and Leanne. They get on well and Peter makes it clear that they’re welcome to visit Simon as often as they like.