Gail and Sarah confront David

Gail and Sarah march over to the salon to confront David about Jason’s revelations that he’s trying to dispose of his family, but David furiously denies the allegations. Audrey has had enough of high drama at the salon and she tells David to take a few days off. Gail sees David sleeping in his car and she warns her wayward son that she can’t turn a blind eye to his evil deeds any longer and she wants him to stay far away from Sarah’s wedding.

Sean pleads with Violet to change her mind about finding out the sex of the baby, but Violet is determined. Marcus comes into the Rovers and Sean tricks him into revealing that Violet is pregnant with a boy. Marcus is mortified that he’s broken patient confidentiality.

Jodie goes out on her date with Lloyd, leaving Eileen looking after Kayleigh and Finlay. Eileen discovers Kayleigh shinning down the drainpipe to go out with her mates and she refuses to come back inside. Kayleigh lies that Eileen hit her and a furious Jodie is forced to abandon her date to sort things out.

Also, Liam secretly misses Carla but treats Maria to some jewellery to take his mind off his sister-in-law.