Gail‘s pinned all her hopes on getting out today, so when her solicitor tells her bail has been refused she breaks down. Calling David she reveals the bad news and says she can’t bear him seeing her in prison again! David decides desperate measures are called for and decides he must go back to the Lakes to speak to the couple who saw Gail and Joe’s final row. He pleads with Graeme to take him there to find out the truth.

Lewis comes checking on Audrey, offering his services as a good listener, off the meter. Audrey’s relieved to have someone to talk to. Seeing them together Norris is convinced Audrey’s having an affair and takes a picture on his phone.

Eileen refuses to hear Jesse out, but as she helps Tina and Jason move back into the flat she starts to wonder if she’s been too hasty. But in the pub a drunken Jesse hits on Julie, moving in for a kiss.

Also, Molly and Tyrone discuss their baby and witness Kevin rowing with Sophie. Both are insistent they’re doing what they’re doing for their family; Rosie plans a date with a footballer.

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