Gail calls the family together and insists that David should be allowed to see Max and Lily. To everyone’s surprise, Nick agrees, citing his own tenuous relationship with Simon since his head injury.

A flustered Tina’s caught off guard when Carla answers the door and she fudges an excuse for calling round. Shaken after seeing Peter she makes her way to the Rovers. When Carla suggests to Peter they go for a drink at the Rovers too, Peter has to once again face Tina. After flirting with Rob in a bid to make Peter jealous, Tina follows Peter outside where he tells her they should keep their distance.

Brian tells Julie he’s accepted the job in Wales, but wants her to move with him. Julie still loves Brian, but knows they want different things and tells him it’s over.

Also, Gloria flirts with Dennis and Roy’s aware Hayley’s condition is worsening.