Gail crumbles in the witness stand

Gail falls apart under her cross examination. In court her defence begins and it relies heavily on the eye witness who will prove Gail wasn’t on the boat, but when Anka gets cold feet and bolts, the Platts are crushed.

Gail crumbles in the stand as the prosecution focus on her turbulent relationship with Joe and the lies that make her look so guilty.

Robbie turns up at the factory for his meeting with Carla, he charms his way in and uses his cover as a potential client to trick her and get her off her guard. He soon turns nasty though and before she knows it he grabs her and ties her up at gunpoint and heads out for his next hostage.

Later, Robbie gets Roy out of the way and kidnaps Hayley and waits for Tony to arrive. A menacing Tony turns up and thanks Robbie for all his hard work. Carla and Hayley realise they are in deep trouble, Tony is out of control and they wonder what he has in store for them both.

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