Gail searches frantically for Joe and asks Audrey if she’s seen him. Over at the medical centre Joe has used Gail’s keys to get in, but is shocked when the alarm goes off. Panicked and sweating profusely he takes a sledgehammer to the alarm but when the noise continues he smashes up the pharmacy in a desperate search for his drugs. When Gail realises the medical centre alarm is going off and discovers her keys are gone from her handbag, she rushes to down the street with a sense of foreboding. She finds a tearful and trembling Joe and is devastated as she surveys the damage he’s caused.

Kevin decides a tough approach is needed and quizzes Chesney about stealing Rosie’s car. He frogmarches him round to No.4 and Chesney apologises to Sally. He explains how much he hates John, and that his plan was to drive to the prison and confront him.

Rosie wants to know what Michelle‘s got that she hasn’t, but Luke can’t take her seriously and she leaves the Rovers in a huff. Later, Luke bumps into Michelle and is delighted when she invites him back to No.7.

Also, Jason and Tina buy No.12 at auction.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Gail watches as Joe starts battering the drugs cabinet with a crowbar. She tries in vain to stop him as the police arrive and he’s arrested. Tina’s devastated to see her dad being taken away by the police as Gail painfully faces up to the truth that Joe’s addicted to painkillers, and he’s now on drugs to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Meanwhile, a scheming David lies to Audrey telling her that he knew about Joe’s drug addiction and did all he could to help him kick the habit.

Tony’s delighted when Maria phones and says she’s coming home. He tells Michelle he’ll do a shop in readiness for Maria and the baby’s return but she�s stunned when he tells her it’s time she found somewhere else to live!

Chesney’s still upset about Fiz and John so Anna and Eddie take him back to No.6 to sort things out. Anna tries to mediate between Chesney and Fiz but Chesney’s adamant he’s not going back to No.5. A concerned Anna tells him he can spend the night with them.

Also, Rosie spots Luke and Michelle coming out of No.7. She’s furious and goes to punch Michelle but punches Luke instead!

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