Gail fears she’s fighting a losing battle

Gail meets with her defence team and gets upset when they outline the prosecution’s case. Back in her cell, Gail admits to Tracy that it seems she’s fighting a losing battle and Tracy advises she’d get a more lenient sentence if she pleaded guilty. Gail’s horrified – while Tracy is a murderer, she’s not!

Later, Tracy calls Glynn and Carr, claiming that Gail has confessed to killing Joe and says she’ll repeat it in court if they give her assurances her situation will be reassessed. They’re non-committal – until Tracy tells them Gail hit Joe with a rolling pin, cleaned it and hid it behind the wardrobe in the cottage. Suddenly they’re all ears and agree to check it out.

Becky’s giving Steve the silent treatment, but when Becky confides in Liz that she wonders if she was never meant to have a child, Liz urges her not to lose faith. As Liz orders Becky and Steve to kiss and make-up, Deirdre reveals she’s convinced Tracy to send Becky another visiting order so they can sort out their differences and do what’s best for Amy.

Elsewhere, with Graeme by her side Tina manages a walk outside but, still not ready to see people, she insists he must keep stalling Jason.

And Izzy helps Kirk prepare for his interview at the factory.

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