Gail is forced to apologise to Shona

Gail is forced to back-track after falsely accusing Shona of theft!

Roy returns to the cafe to find Gail and Shona in a stand-off. Shona grudgingly opens her handbag. Finding no sign of her purse, but refusing to back down, Gail announces she’s boycotting the cafe. At No.8, David finds Gail’s purse under one of Lily’s toys. Gail reluctantly agrees to apologise to Shona, who is unimpressed by Gail’s half-hearted apology.

Sally’s shocked when Rosie bursts into tears, admitting she’s been pretending to live the high life to avoid Sally’s judgement. Sally tells Tim what an awful mother she’s been, and with his support, she decides to put her family first. So when one of the builders, Zack, throws a flirty comment at Rosie, Sally threatens to report him for sexual harassment!

Chesney’s thrilled when Sinead texts asking if she can come round tonight. Sinead calls at No.5 to find Chesney expecting a romantic reunion. Oh dear…