Gail agrees to babysit Max and Lily while David and Kylie spend the night in a hotel, but as Kylie excitedly gets ready at No 8 to meet David at the hotel, she’s unaware of a strange figure lurking outside. When Gail arrives home, she finds a strange man in the living room claiming to be inspecting a gas leak, but is soon suspicious of his motives.

Peter whisks Tina away to a romantic hotel for the afternoon, but she feels guilty knowing a devastated Carla is at her stepdad’s funeral. Peter puts her at ease but as they dine at the hotel, they’re horrified to spot David arriving at the bar and quickly look for somewhere to hide.

Kevin’s furious and worries about the future of the garage when Tyrone shows him the mound of unpaid invoices and tax documents.

Also, Luke starts work at the garage; Phelan continues to crack the whip at the mill; and Kal tells Leanne he understands why she can’t be with him and doesn’t want to hurt Nick either.