Gail makes a heartbreaking decision about her sons

With Kylie out of the house, David persuades Gail to let him see Max and Lily. Forgetting herself for a moment, Gail’s heartened to see her son smiling. But when Nick let’s himself in, he’s furious and ejects David onto the street. Turning on Gail, Nick issues an ultimatum – she needs to choose, it’s either him or David. Struggling to cope with the stress of having a fractured family, Gail’s forced to make a heartbreaking decision to let David go.

Marcus tells Brian to be honest with Julie. Todd notices Brian seems troubled, and persuades Marcus to reveal Brian’s dilemma. Smarting over his interference with Sean, Todd tells Julie about Brian. Having shattered her dreams, Julie is left confused about her relationship

Kal wants to kick Dev into shape and presents him with his new fitness plan. Dev’s a little daunted and so is Steve when Michelle begins to wonder if she should hire Kal for him too.

Also, a manipulative Todd tells a hurt Sean he was only winding Brian up; Dennis plans to put a night on at the bistro with his old friend Ritchie.