Gail’s day goes from bad worse as she tells Susan that the stress of meeting her would be too much for Michael’s heart and then David demands to know why she missed the mediation. However, David’s mollified when Andy lies that he had a suspected heart scare and Gail took him to hospital. When Michael arrives back he senses the tension after Gail’s day from hell.

Liz checks with the tax office and confirms that the bill is correct. Michelle breaks the news to Steve. Mortified, he admits he hid them away at the height of his problems, leaving Michelle worried when he promises to fix things.

Kevin implores Rita to give him and Jenny her blessing so Rita magnanimously wishes him well. As Jenny plays with Jack at No 13, Kevin begs her not to give up on them.

Craig presents Faye with a pregnancy book and orders her to make some firm decisions about the birth. Bethany tries to butter up Gail into letting her stay.