Audrey helps jittery Gail prepare for her wedding as Steph and Leanne make preparations for the reception. Meanwhile, Andy’s a bag of nerves, feeling guilty about the fake mugging. Gavin clocks Michael and Andy dressed for the service. Michael proudly explains that his son is his best man. Gavin’s scathing and tells Michael that if he were his son, he’d despise him. As Gail prepares to leave for her wedding, Gavin knocks on the door, introducing himself as Michael’s real son. Gail reels.

Linda calls round hoping to spend some time with her grandchildren before heading back to Portugal and confesses to Owen that she’s always loved him and deeply regrets her affair. But when she suggests to Owen that he and the girls should move abroad with her, Owen’s tempted.

At Julie’s request, Leanne tries to fix the deep fat fryer in the kebab shop, but only succeeds in fusing the lights.

Todd persuades Eileen to join an internet dating site. Emily makes it plain she’s not keen on helping Billy with the Church Comedy Night. Sean wonders if Emily disapproves of Billy’s sexuality.