Gail plots to get rid of Kylie

As Kylie wins David round with her seductive charms Audrey calls to check he’ll be around to sign for the salon later. Gail’s unnerved, now convinced Kylie’s just using David for his money, and confides her fears in Audrey, determined to keep Kylie away from her family. But David walks in as she urges Audrey not to sign over the salon.

Chesney and Fiz have very different money worries. When John spots Ches taking a chair from a skip he offers some old furniture for the flat. Meanwhile, Chesney is shocked to discover Fiz claimed on Colin’s will and the money is now in their account

Liz and Steve make up as Jim receives a blow. As Liz and Jim reveal they’re giving their relationship another go they talk practicalites with Steve; contracts will be ready to sign within the week. Jim assures them he can come up with the cash, but on the phone to a loans company it looks like a different story.

Also, Audrey continues to support Marc; Xin acts as a go-between for Graeme and Tina, organising a meet at the flat. But as the couple enjoy some serious making up Rita walks in; Faye finally moves into the Windasses.

*Second episode, 8.30*

Gail joins forces with Nick to stop David’s wedding and David’s furious, accusing Gail of trying to ruin his future because of her feud with Kylie. Gail’s gutted as Audrey sides with David and tells him to sign the paperwork. Frustrated that Audrey can’t see she’s throwing her business away, Gail turns to Nick – she needs his help to stop the wedding.

A nervous Fiz takes decisive action and withdraws two thousand pounds of Joy’s money, to pay off debts, claiming she’ll leave the rest untouched. Stashing the money at home she cuts up Colin’s bank cards declaring this is an end to it. But she worries she’s not in the clear.

It’s like the good old days for Liz and Jim. Putting a brave face on after his knockback Jim joins Liz behind the bar as they play host and hostess. It’s like they’ve never been apart.

Also, Tina hides behind the sofa as Rita lambasts Graeme for his treatment of her, accusing him of rubbing his new love with Xin in Tina’s face. But as he tries to talk himself out of trouble Rita realises something is amiss; when Simon gets the lead role in Joseph, Leanne takes the opportunity to brag to Cheryl.

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