As Glynn and Carr find the rolling pin, Gail’s horrified when her solicitor tackles her over Tracy’s statement. Gail insists it’s all lies, but as she remembers telling an anecdote about the rolling pin the penny drops and Gail realises that Tracy’s twisted it to make her sound guilty. Furious, David storms into the Rovers to find the Barlows, revealing that Tracy’s told the police that Gail’s confessed to murder. He insists they force Tracy to take back her lies or he’ll be gunning for them.

Steve and Becky show a united front when they visit Tracy who, after doing her deal with the police, says she’s willing to forget if she gets an apology off Becky. When Becky assures Tracy she has no intention of stopping Amy seeing her, Tracy tells Steve she’ll give them a good reference if Amy remains a Barlow and she can see her regularly. Steve reluctantly agrees.

Roy’s not happy when Hayley tells him about the Salsa dress she’s going to buy for her new hobby. Yet again he rains on her parade and she sends the dress back.

Also, when Kirk messes up his interview at Underworld, Carla shows him the door and gets a dressing down from Izzy; Tina’s in a state when she hears she has to testify at Gail’s trial, and Rosie agrees to a drink with Graeme.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As Ken and Deirdre claim David’s lying, David’s blood boils and Peter’s forced to step in. Brother Nick squares up to Peter and it’s left to Audrey to steer her grandsons away from the crowd. David contacts Gail’s solicitor, but the news isn’t good, what with Tracy’s claims of Gail’s confession and the discovery of a supposed murder weapon. As it looks like it will come down to who the jury believes – Gail or Tracy – Graeme helps David stumble across an idea: a false witness who will say Gail wasn’t anywhere near Joe when he died…

En route to his date with Rosie, Graeme finds Tina in a state – the police have told her she can’t refuse to testify – so Graeme stands up Rosie while he tries to sort Tina out. Later, Graeme rushes into the Rovers to finds an irate Rosie, who insists it was his one chance and he’s blown it. Graeme’s gutted.

Hayley fumes when Roy announces he’s going to a train convention, spending money on his hobby after putting a dampener on hers.

Elsewhere, impressed by her spirit, Carla asks Izzy to apply for the machinist’s job. Kirk’s thrilled too when Carla offers him a temporary position packing and the pair hug.

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