Gail Robinson is back!

Gail returns to Ramsay Street, but insists to Elle that she’s not going to lie to Paul about his evil past. But faced with the new improved Paul, Gail feels unable to tell him the sorry truth. But when he overhears Gail and Elle discussing his dark past, Paul begs Gail to tell him the truth – even if it sends him completely mad.

After witnessing Carmella lie that she’s not addicted to her medication, a concerned Ringo decides drastic action is needed to help her overcome her problem. So he persuades her to come on a rural trip with him where he stages a car breakdown. Stranded miles from anywhere, Ringo urges Carmella to face her demons. Meanwhile, Rachel grows suspicious when she tries and fails to contact Ringo and Carmella.

Zeke reacts with horror when Lou agrees to let homesick Lolly visit her siblings, and she ends up leaving with a sense of foreboding.

Also, when Susan sees some of her friends get some sound medical advice from Karl, she realises she might have found a good way to get her husband to back to what he does best – medicine.