David bumps into Audrey at the hospital and there’s a frosty atmosphere. Audrey is troubled when David reveals that he will be taking care of Gail once she’s discharged. Audrey tells David that it’s too much for him to handle and reminds him he’ll be at work all day. David stubbornly hands his notice in and they row. Gail intervenes and makes it clear to Audrey that she trusts David and if Audrey can’t accept that, she must back off.

Roy and Becky struggle to cope with the busy cafe and Lloyd notices that there’s tension between them. He ribs Becky who confesses that she walked in on a naked Roy in the bathroom! As Lloyd howls with laughter, poor Roy has overheard everything and once again is mortified. Roy warns Becky that they need to respect each other’s privacy.

Leanne asks Dan to play it cool around her so as not to scupper her plans to talk Paul into committing arson. Leanne starts flirting with Paul and he’s chuffed that she’s finally succumbing to him. A gullible Paul excitedly accepts Leanne’s offer of a drink after work.

Also, Fiz plans to ask Kirk to move out; Ryan gets back from his trip with Nick.