Tina is worried about having to wait for a termination and wonders whether she should tell David about her pregnancy. Tina can’t bring herself to confess when it comes to it and she’s tempted when Gail offers to pay for a private termination. Gail is relieved when Tina agrees and assures her that David need never know. Michelle refuses to call Wendy about Alex and Steve is fast losing patience with the situation. Steve tells Michelle that Alex will have to go home sometime but she ignores his disapproval and takes Alex out to the pictures. Ryan is furious when Michelle tells him that Alex is staying a while longer and declares that he won’t move back home until Alex goes. Kirk is gutted when Ashley reveals that he can’t afford to keep him on at the butchery. A guilty Ashley decides to give Kirk a tray of Scotch eggs for tea as a peace offering, but when he goes round to Kirk’s and sees the squalor he and Chesney are living in, he is worried for Chesney. Ashley passes his concerns onto an equally worried Clare. Also, Dan tells Paul to cough up the cash he owes him by Friday.