Gail looks out over the lake desperately hoping to see Joe but there’s no sign. In a state of panic she phones David and insists he catches a train up to the Lakes as soon as possible. Worried and sensing the desperation in Gail’s voice David agrees finding a distraught Gail, she tells him everything.

David thinks they should go to the police but Gail refuses, convinced that Joe will come to his senses. Gail and David set off across the lake and drag Joe’s boat back, tying it to the jetty. Gail insists on spending another night in the cottage in the hope Joe might return and David has no choice but to stay with her.

Peter apologises to Leanne for going on another bender and promises to sort himself out. Meanwhile, an upset Simon wants to know when he can see his dad but George remains evasive. He heads to the bookies to talk to Peter about his son, but it soon becomes clear that he has been drinking again and the pair row over Simon. Leanne tells Peter he seriously needs help but he won’t listen so she turns to Ken for support and they agree they’ve got to get Peter into rehab.

Also, Sunita tells Dev her aged aunts are coming to stay but the problem is they still think she’s married to Dev and she doesn’t want to upset them. Lloyd suggests to Dev he and Sunita could pretend they’re still married to keep her aunts happy. Dev secretly loves the idea of playing happy families.

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