Gail throws David out

David is devastated by what has happened as Beth fights for her life in hospital and he rushes home to tell a horrified Darryl what has happened. Gail finds the two of them sat in David�s car and she launches herself at Darryl. When the police come to arrest David, a disgusted Gail refuses to accompany him and lets him go to the police station alone. For once in his life, David is genuinely repentant when he returns home but Gail tells him to pack his things and get out.

Becky implores Hayley and Roy to sort out their differences and Hayley decides to forget about Christian and concentrate on saving her marriage. Roy, meanwhile, immerses himself in reducing the cafe�s carbon footprint to try and block out what�s been going on.

Sally seems to be getting more out of her lessons with John than pure intellectual stimulation but John is oblivious to her flirting. When Sally mentions that she�d like to see a new play, John offers to get them both tickets.

Also, Liz is frustrated when Vernon books their wedding for New Year�s Eve, the busiest night in the pub.