Gail hasn’t slept, unable to decide what to do with Natasha’s secret. Eventually she decides the only thing to do is confront her. Natasha confirms everything, but begs her not to tell Nick saying she will do it herself. Later, Gail arrives at the house and when she discovers Natasha is doing anything but telling Nick the truth she ends up blurting out everything. Nick tries to throw Gail out and it’s left to Natasha to face him.

Sian’s at work when one of the blokes from the student house makes a pass at a shocked Sophie. She goes looking for Sian and tells her what happened, and when Sian sees that her resolve is slipping she urges Sophie to stay strong. Later, a desperate Sophie sneaks out to a phone box and calls Rosie.

Owen asks Eileen to lock up as he wants to get off early to take Liz out, but she’s annoyed at being taken advantage of yet again. When she spots how lax Owen is with the bookkeeping and his company chequebook, she has an idea.

Also, Ciaran confides in Sean that he has a job interview in Scotland and doesn’t see any point in staying, especially as Michelle won’t give him a chance.

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