Gail’s concerned as Nick slouches about the house unable to face going to the Bistro. She blames Leanne for giving up on her husband, but Leanne knows she did everything she could to save her marriage. Saddened to hear of their break-up, Kal offers to keep an eye on Nick, but is unable to drag him out of his depression.

Fiz overhears Anna and Roy talking about Hayley’s death and suspects it wasn’t all it seemed, and there may be more to Roy’s grief. When she confesses her fears to Carla, she realises she’s onto something. She decides to confront Roy as he realises he can’t cope and will have to tell her the truth.

Nursing a bruised face, Tim laps up Sally’s praise as he continues to crack on that the intruder was a burly man, but Sophie’s not so sure. Sophie tackles Maddie about the attempted burglary and Maddie can’t help being impressed by her nous.

Also, Tracy’s irked when Amy says she’d rather stay with Michelle at the Rovers; and Dev and Kal discuss the idea of opening a local gym together.