Game over for Dex?

Ruby tries to convince April that losing her virginity to Xavier is a bad idea, but April says she trusts him and feels ready. Dex is distressed his best friend’s taking the girl he likes, but Xavier assures him he’s only going so no other guys crack onto her. Dex appeals to April but she tells him to move on. When Ruby sees Dex is devastated, she convinces him to keep trying, and suggests he take her to the Formal.

Heath discovers Brax’s plan to sell Angelo’s and move with Casey to the city. He’s not happy and blames Charlie. He also tells Ruby, who’s already worried about Casey’s commitment, that Casey said he would never move to the city for a girl. In time, however, Heath decides to help Brax, and organises a meeting with a potential restaurant buyer. However, it’s renowned criminal Geoffrey King. Brax isn’t keen.

Bianca is still upset that Liam bought another motorbike. Liam listens to her and decides to sell it. When he later tells Brax he can return to work, Brax tells him the job is no longer available. Liam wonders why Bianca, Brax and Charlie are all being weird. Charlie eventually reveals the truth about the accident and Liam is furious that Bianca lied.