In December 1985, brother and sister Richard and Helen Thomas were shot in the head and their farmhouse was burnt down around them.

Four years later the same unknown killer struck again, tying up holidaymakers Peter and
Gwen Dixon, robbing them on a Pembrokeshire coastal lane and then shooting them, again in
the head.

Unluckily for John Cooper (pictured above), three weeks before that murder he’d appeared on TV gameshow Bullseye, then one of Sunday evening’s most popular shows. Even more unluckily, he looked almost the spit of an artist’s impression of the killer – who had been seen using the Dixons’ cash card.

Game Show Serial Killer: Police Tapes - ITV

John Cooper appears on Bullseye and matches an artist’s impression of the murder suspect

‘I’d never seen a match as close as this’, said DCS Wilkins, who was assigned to the investigation.

Presenter Susanna Reid investigates the bizarre case of the killer caught by teatime TV.

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