Gardy’s evil side is exposed

Gardy tells Roman he’s doing another job to raise funds for the robbery and threatens Roman that, if he doesn’t comply, he will tell the authorities about Afghanistan. Later, Gardy follows a mystery woman to The Diner and Leah accuses him of coming between Roman and Nicole. Leah also gives Roman a hard time about Nicole. Roman starts working there again and he and Leah make a tentative truce.

Nicole and Trey are about to have sex when Nicole changes her mind but Trey is understanding. Nicole tells Ruby how great it is to have Trey, with Roman acting so bizarrely. Roman asks Nicole to stay with Ruby for a few days – he’s concerned for her safety but she doesn’t know that and is hurt.

Nicole decides to sleep with Trey, but at his house they find his mother Jenena being tied up by a masked Gardy. She’s the woman Gardy has been following. Gardy sees Trey but not Nicole, who’s hiding under the bed.

Claudia is worried about how her father will react to her pregancy. Geoff tells Kirsty, Miles and Annie, who is horrified but a chat with Kirsty brings her round. Then Claudia arrives… she’s been kicked out of home.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday June 23*

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