Garry confronts Dawn on their wedding day

Dawn prepares for her wedding day, not knowing that Minty has told Garry about her affair. Meanwhile, a gutted Garry is mulling over Dawn’s betrayal, but he decides to go ahead with the wedding anyway. Garry, Minty and Darren get into the car to set off for the register office but when Garry sees Dawn about to leave he rushes over to her. Garry asks Dawn if she loves him. Dawn hesitates and glances at Phil. Garry has his answer and furiously punches Phil.

Bradley doesn’t want to lose Gumbo so he tries to hide him from his owner Don and leaves him with Jean to look after. Gumbo escapes and Don finds him in the Square and is about to take him home when Syd suggests that they should let Gumbo decide whom he wants to stay with.

Tamwar catches Zainab secretly looking up something on the internet and wonders about her jumpy behaviour. Tamwar is embarrassed when Zainab gets the family together and presents him with a mortarboard for Oxford. Amira blurts out that Tamwar didn’t get his grades. Zainab is uncharacteristically understanding. Masood tells Zainab that they can still go travelling and is disappointed when she is unenthusiastic.