Garry gets a ‘date’ with Dawn

Garry can’t believe his luck when Dawn agrees to a weekend away and the pair decide on an outing to Brighton. Dawn’s plans for a wild night out are scuppered when Keith won’t babysit Summer and she’s forced to take her along. Garry is hopeful of some romantic fun with Dawn when the only room they can find is a double, but instead he’s left holding the baby when Dawn goes off with a group of lads.

Pat receives a letter that leaves her troubled and she borrows a car from Kevin to go on a mysterious mission to the south coast. A smitten Heather wants to follow Garry to Brighton and she and Shirley con Pat into giving them a lift. They bicker all the way and at a service station Shirley enlists the help of a guy called Len (Christopher Ellison) when the car won’t start. Shirley zooms off with Heather, leaving Pat stranded.

Minty is acting suspiciously and he tells Garry that he’s going to an Italian lesson but he’s all spruced up and he hides a bottle of champagne when Garry walks in on him. What is he up to?

Also, Mickey comes up with a hair-brained scheme to raise some cash.

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