Dawn won’t give up on Garry, but her hope begins to fade when Darren confesses that he deleted an answerphone message from him professing his unrequited love for her. Dawn faces facts and decides that the Albert Square residents should celebrate the late Garry’s life properly. Meanwhile, in a bar in France, Garry is stunned as he watches a report on BBC News Worldwide about his disappearance!

Ian makes Lucas manager at Beale’s Plaice to spend time on the catering businesses, but he gets in the way at the factory unit then mixes up a Masala Masood order with an order for Walford FC. Despite the mix-up they get good feedback from the customers and Christian suggests that they merge both catering companies. Ian wants to take charge, but Zainab is voted in as a manager and a put-out Ian demotes Lucas at the chippy and takes back the manager’s job!

Ricky is nervous about the DNA test results when the post is delivered. Ricky is deflated when the letter is a wedding invite from Peggy and Bianca reminds him the results aren’t due until tomorrow. Bianca is irritated that Peggy has sent her and Ricky a joint invite and she’s horrified when Ricky insists he’s fine about people thinking they’re a couple.

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