Garry keeps a jealous eye on Dawn

Garry is wary of Dawn‘s friendship with Callum and he tries to bribe Callum to move out of the flat, promising to pay the deposit on Dawn’s old flat for him. Callum instantly agrees, but Garry is disappointed when he realises that Callum was winding him up. Meanwhile, Dawn is troubled when she sees Jay carving ‘Jase Dyer RIP’ into the memorial bench. Jay is bitter when he sees Dawn seemingly happy with Garry and he eyes up a dumped petrol can…

Archie tries to sweeten up Phil by telling him a few more boxing stories about Phil’s dad Eric. Phil is delighted when Archie gives him a trophy that Eric won for boxing and he takes it to be valued. But he is stunned when he discovers that the trophy is only 10 years old and couldn’t possibly have been Eric’s and he wonders why Archie tried to dupe him.

Jack confesses to Ronnie that he’s moving to France and he sees the hurt in her eyes, making him doubt his move abroad with Tanya. Later, Max drives up to Tanya and Jack’s house and plans his next move as he thoughtfully looks at the ‘Sold’ sign.

Also, Dawn gets her job back at R&R.

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