Garry legs it out of Walford

Garry is crushed when Dawn gives him back his engagement ring. Later, Dawn visits Garry at the garage and talks him into looking after Summer while she goes to have her nails done. When Dawn gets back Garry realises that he can’t cope with just being friends and he takes one of the cars from the Arches and drives off into the night…

Ricky confronts Bianca about the note and she confesses that she suspected he might be Tiffany’s dad after a night they spent together in Manchester. Ricky demands they do a DNA test, but Bianca is worried that Whitney may be upset if she finds out Tiffany isn’t her half-sister after all.

Whitney is flattered when a young man in the launderette lets her use the dryer first but she’s surprised when she later discovers that he is Todd, the guy who has been valeting Pat Cars cabs. Todd asks Whitney on a date, but she knocks him back until Ricky talks her into it. Todd takes Whitney to the cafe, but when he asks her about her ex-boyfriends she bolts.

Also, Heather and Shirley find George Michael’s house in a posh part of London and when Heather peeks over the wall, she falls into the garden!

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