Garry loves Dawn!

Garry is left alone with Summer when Dawn swans off shopping – but he doesn’t realise that he’s got another woman on his tail… Heather and Shirley have found out where Garry and Dawn are staying and they spot him on Brighton Pier. Garry knows Heather fancies him and he tries to do a runner but Shirley catches up with him. She demands to know why he won’t give Heather a chance and Garry admits that he loves someone else…

Garry returns to the hotel room, determined to tell Dawn he loves her, but he’s devastated when he finds her with another man.

Pat is furious at being left carless at the service station but it looks like she’s in luck when Len offers her a lift to Worthing. Pat admits that she has some important business to attend to, but she’s feeling nervous. They pull up outside an old Victorian building that has been closed up. What is Pat up to?

Also, Garry calls Minty to lament his problems with Dawn and asks to meet up with him, but Minty tells him that he’s in Brighton. Minty panics when Garry cheerfully tells him that he’s in Brighton, too – Minty is having a saucy weekend with Garry’s mum Hazel!

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