Garry proposes to Dawn

Garry holds out hope that he and Dawn may get together, but he’s left deflated when he gently questions her and it seems she only sees him as a friend. Garry resolves to be a man and sweep Dawn off her feet and he takes her to Argee Bhajee with the intention of proposing. Garry puts a diamond ring in Dawn’s cocktail, but he gets flustered when Dawn fishes it out and his proposal comes out all wrong. An upset Dawn turns him down and he flees the restaurant.

Bianca writes some notes to practise telling Ricky that he may be Tiffany’s dad. Bianca takes Ricky to Argee Bhajee, but she’s thrown when Ricky flirts with her and bottles telling him her news. Ricky is hurt by Bianca’s strange reaction and walks out. Back home, Tiff gives Ricky a drawing, but he is stunned when he turns it over to see Bianca’s notes!

Minty feels guilty when he realises that Heather overheard him writing her off as romance material and he takes for a meal at Argee Bhajee to apologise. Heather is left humiliated when they get crossed wires and Minty walks out. Shirley knows just how to cheer up her friend when she sees a picture of George Michael’s house in a magazine and recognises the location…

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