Garry proposes to Dawn

Dawn apologises to Garry for pulling another bloke and they have a nice day out on the beach with Summer. Garry grabs his chance and he puts an engagement ring in Dawn’s ice-cream! Dawn is stunned by the proposal but she tells him that she wants to concentrate on being a mum to Summer. Garry tries to hide his disappointment.

Pat and Len flee the asylum and Pat loses her sister’s new address. But there’s still hope of finding Joan as Pat remembers the name of the home and they set off to find it. Pat is disappointed to learn that Joan has died, but she also discovers more about her life, which was long and happy. Len gives Pat a lift back to Walford and he gives her his number.

Shirley runs after Heather, who has fled the pub and she tries to cheer her up. The friends get a lift back to London with a drag queen, Tim, who they get chatting to in the car park. Heather is feeling sorry for herself but Shirley tells her to forget about men – she’ll always be her friend.

Also, Minty accidentally proposes to Hazel when she makes a wrong assumption after finding him clutching Garry’s discarded engagement ring!

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