Garry turns up at his own memorial

Dawn grieves for Garry, while Heather organises memorial drinks at the Vic. Callum accuses Dawn of doing a ‘grieving widow act’ for no good reason, but Dawn confesses that she only rejected Garry because she was still grieving for Jase. At the memorial Dawn says that Garry was sweet and kind and she loved him. Everyone is stunned when Dawn is interrupted – by Garry – who can’t believe what he just heard!

Bianca is on edge waiting for the DNA results to arrive and goes to work to distract herself. Ricky is left in charge of the kids, but when he gets a pick-up he leaves Whitney looking after Liam, Tiffany, Morgan and Dotty. The kids can’t resist calling the Pat Cabs drivers and sending them on fake pick-ups. Ricky lays the blame on Tiffany.

Ian takes his bad mood out on a homeless woman he finds sheltering from the cold in the chippy. Ian is outvoted yet again over a new name for the joint catering venture and he confesses to Jane that he’s worried about turning 40 soon, but she assures him she still loves and fancies him.

Also, Libby worries about Darren working for Janine when she finds out that Janine used to be a hooker!

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