Gary drifts further away from his family

When Kal finds Gary and Alya chatting in the street, he angrily sends Alya back to work and tells Gary to stay away from her. In an effort to be civil, Izzy allows Gary  to take Jake for the afternoon. But while he steps in to help Roy, Jake cuts himself. When Izzy spots Jake’s cut, she immediately blames Gary. Witnessing this, Owen turns on Gary, issuing a few home truths of his own!

Kylie arrives home laden with presents and asks David to buy something special for Lily. But she’s unnerved when Callum drops his car into the garage for a service. Later, he calls into the Rovers and flirts with Liz and Eva.

Steve suggests they hold a massive Christmas party at the Rovers, and invites Tracy. She winds up Tony, pointing out he’ll be spending Christmas Day with both her and Liz. When Steve arrives back in the pub laden down with bags of goodies Liz is taken aback by the amount of stuff he’s bought.

Tim shows Sally a picture of a second hand sofa he’s found.