Gary drops a bombshell on the Nazirs

In tears, Alya assures Gary she loves him and her indiscretion was just a stupid mistake. Yasmeen, Sharif and Zeedan are shocked to see Alya in floods of tears being pursued by an angry Gary. When Gary reveals the truth, the Nazirs are horrified and stare at Alya in disbelief. Lashing out, Gary accuses Aidan of sleeping with Alya as she returns home to face the music.

Ken phones Nessa when he finds Alex in the Rovers while Roy makes him see how much he worried his mum by staying out all night. Nessa thanks Ken for all his help and it’s clear she fancies him. Audrey bristles, while Alex apologises to mum Nessa.

Mary tells Brendan how she has every issue of his magazine bar one and when he hands her the missing copy of The Inexplicable she’s thrilled.

Kevin’s worried about money when Sophie finds the perfect garage premises for him to buy.