Gary floors David in a brawl

Gary is intrigued when Jason fills him in on David‘s history and armed with some serious ammo he sets about trying to wind David up. Tina begs David to ignore Gary’s childish antics, but David takes the bait and after a day of antagonism David finally flips and punches Gary. Tina tries to intervene as the teenagers brawl, but Gary gets the better of David and knocks him to the ground.

Ken takes Eccles for another walk along the canal and bumps into Martha again, who invites him for lunch on the barge. He discovers that she is appearing in a local production of the classic play A Streetcar Named Desire and asks him to help her with her lines. Ken is impressed and it’s clear that Martha is worlds away from his problems at home.

Maria calls at the factory to apologise to Tony for wrongly accusing him of killing Liam, but Carla is intrigued when Maria can’t resist a dig about Tony evicting Jed. Carla visits Emily to try and find out exactly what went on and she’s surprised by what Emily has to say about Tony and Jed.

Also, Janice is horrified when her new mate Mike from the hospital drops dead of a heart attack!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla wants some answers of her own so she pays Jed a visit in Wigan and takes him for lunch. Carla plies Jed with alcohol and quizzes him about Tony. When Jed takes off his scarf she notices the marks on his neck and Carla asks him if they have anything to do with Tony. Jed’s silence speaks volumes.

David lies bloodied on the ground and Tina, Eddie and Anna pull Gary off him before he does any more damage. David is taken to hospital, but he is still determined to get one over on Gary and asks Tina to lie that Gary threw the first punch. Anna and Eddie warn Gary that he may face jail, as he already has a conviction for assault. Gail calls Gary a mindless brute, but Anna sticks up for him.

Janice is surprised when she gets a visit from Mike’s wife Laura. Laura thanks her for being such a good friend to Mike and being there when he died. Janice is moved by her words and tells Leanne that Mike’s death has made her think seriously about her own future.

Also, Norris and Mary decide to try and make some money by renting out their motor home.

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