Gary is struggling working so closely with Terese, so Toadie tells him that if he wants to her back, he should go for it. Distracted by his thoughts of Terese, Gary mixes his cleaning products incorrectly and faints! He’s rushed to the hospital and, when Terese hears the news, she rushes to be by his side. Will this blip in Gary’s health be the trigger to rekindle their romance?

Meanwhile, Paul and Courtney’s relationship is wearing thin on both of them. Paul decides to take his mind of his relationship woes by holding a dinner party for him, Courtney, Shane and Dipi. Shane asks Dipi to be on her best behaviour after her run-in with Courtney – but will she do as her husband asks?

Also, Jack is devastated to learn that students have falsely accused him of pushing his faith upon them. Things get even worse, when a group of students cancel a scheduled meeting with him and he finds his sign-up sheet ruined with anti-religious graffiti. Susan knows that her students are lying and flies into damage control – but will it be enough to save Jack’s job?