The police arrive at the Rovers to investigate the assault and are soon knocking on the Windasses’ door. They arrest Garry, but he refuses to tell them anything and so is bailed. Yet he’s fully aware he may have put his future with the Army at risk.

A triumphant Kylie and Max settle into the Rovers, Becky can’t help spoiling her nephew and starts flashing the cash and buying him new toys. Kylie feels a little put out, despite Becky’s best intentions, especially as her first pay packet from the cafe is less then she expected. Finding herself alone in the Rovers, with a till full of money, Kylie helps herself to a handful of notes.

Ashley tries to convince Claire that they should stay at home where all their friends and family are. But her mind is clearly made up and she’s determined to move the whole family away from Weatherfield.

Also, Owen spends the evening with Liz. Leaving an oblivious Eileen to work on the books; Natasha struggles with her secret when Nick suggests they buy a place together.

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