Gary kisses Tina! (VIDEO)

Izzy and Gary make up before Gary heads off to his army reunion. Gary shows his mates a photo of Izzy and Tina, but when they accuse him of fancying Tina, he loses his temper. Back on the street Tina rows with Tommy for causing trouble between Gary and Izzy. When an emotional Gary then calls at Tina’s and tells her about the reunion, he tries to kiss her and Tina pulls back.

Worried that the baby might inherit his epilepsy gene, David thinks they should have the baby genetically tested. Secretly worried Kylie and Nick try to talk him out of the test and David agrees.

Tim brings Faye into the café but realising he’s no money, makes excuses and leaves. Anna’s concerned and calls at Tim’s flat with some leftover food.

Also, Gail lords it over Stella as she starts her cleaning job at the bistro; Leanne feels sorry for her mum; Roy finally reaches a decision about St. John’s letter.